Prerequisite Courses

Data Structures

Required Text(s)


Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, 4th Edition, by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig.(html). 



Recomended Text(s)

-  Speech and Language Processing by Jurafsky and Martin, 2021
-  G. F. Luger, Artificial Intelligence, Addison-Wesley, 2002.

Meeting Times:

- Tuesday 11:00 - 14:50,  Location: C-317


- Lab : No labs

Tentative Grading:

Evaluation Tool (*) Weight in %
Presentations and
In-term Exams
- 1 Midterm
Final 40
(*) After each type of assesment, some of the students may be called for an oral examination. The student's performance in the oral exam will affect the student's grades. If a student does not come for an oral exam or follow the specified exam rules, (s)he will get automatically score 0 (zero) points for that part of the assesment.

Tentative  Course Outline:

1 Introduction and Intelligent Agents
2 Problem Solving by Searching
3 Adversarial Search and Games
4 Constraint Satisfaction Problems
5 Logical Agents
6 First-Order Logic
Inference in First-Order Logic
7 Knowledge Representation
Automated Planning
8 Uncertain knowledge and reasoning
9 Exam Week
10 Probabilistic Programming
Making Simple Decisions
Making Complex Decisions
11 Machine Learning
12 Deep Learning
Reinforcement Learning 
13 Natural Language Processing
Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing ..
14 Computer Vision
15 Review

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