- Programming assignments will be submitted through Google Classroom. Assignments should be submitted inside a ZIP with a file name as follows:

    - [Department Code]-[Student No]-[Last Name]-["Lab" number].zip
    - Examples :  
            - COE-64160099-KAYA-A1.ZIP, COE-64160099-KAYA-A2.ZIP,
            - EEE-61170088-KARTAL-A1.ZIP, EEE-611790088-KARTAL-A2.ZIP,
            - IND-63150077-KARAGUL-A1.ZIP, IND-63150077-KARAGUL-A2.ZIP

-Your program header should be as follows:

/* *****************************************************************************
 *  Name:    	  Ali Cokcalışır
 *  Student ID:   6321211
 *  Department:   Industrial Engineering
 *  Assignment ID: A2 Question 1 
 *  Description:  Prints the number of stars to the console
 *                depending on the counts stored in an array.   
 *  Sources:      Give references for the sources that you used in your 
 *                program if there areany
 **************************************************************************** */
- Naming Conventions:

   - Choose meaningful and descriptive names for variable, method and class names.

   - Variables and method names:
	Use lowercase. If the name consists of several 	words, concatenate all in one, use lowercase
	for the first word, and capitalize the first letter of each subsequent word in the name. For
	example, the variables radius and area, and the method computeArea. 

   - Class names:
	Capitalize the first letter of each word in the name. For example, the class name

Assignment No Assignment Due Date Resources
A0 Install Java JDK
Install Eclipse
Write a short program and run it

You don't have submit anything.
25.02.2019 Java IDE
  - 8 Best Java IDEs for 2019 (html)
  - How To Install Eclipse and Get Started with Java Programming (html)

Running Java code with terminal or Windows command line (CMD)
  - Command-line interface (html)
  - Your First Java Program : Hello World (html)
A1 Posted on Google classroom. 06.03.2019