- Google classroom class code:  e9l0t7

- Lab assignments will be submitted through Google Classroom. Put all solutions of your assigments into a ZIP or RAR file with the following naming convention, otherwise your solution will not be evaluated.

    - [Department Code]-[Student No]-[Last Name]-["Lab" number].zip
    - Examples :  
            - COE-64160099-KAYA-LAB1.ZIP, COE-64160099-KAYA-LAB2.ZIP,
            - EEE-61170088-KARTAL-LAB1.ZIP, EEE-611790088-KARTAL-LAB2.ZIP,
            - IND-63150077-KARAGUL-LAB1.ZIP, IND-63150077-KARAGUL-LAB2.ZIP

- Your solutions should be submitted into the related coursework section (LAB-Tue11, LAB-Wed9, LAB-Wed11, LAB-Fri9) that you are attending.